While walking with my wife, we saw a young man wearing a t-shirt. The artwork on the t-shirt was so bad, my wife commented, “A monkey could have drawn that!” That sparked an idea. Sparing no expense, I traveled to the remote jungles of Borneo and captured a monkey. I gave him some pencils and a sheet of paper and waited to see what he would create. The result was astounding! This little experiment had proved my wife wrong. The monkey could actually do better artwork than what we had seen on the t-shirt!

I brought the monkey home, named him Tambo, and started my t-shirt business. Today, Tambo is often found sitting on a little platform high in a tree in my backyard, with a pile of bannanas to keep him happy. He continues to produce the most unique t-shirt art imaginable. If you want ordinary t-shirt art, go to any other t-shirt shop around. They all produce nice shirts that look the same. But if you want designs with the “WOW” factor, let a monkey design your shirt! Call Tambo Ink today!